Ruhani Oyun Havaları - Babazula | Turkish Psychedelic
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ruhani oyun havaları / psychebelly dance music (2003)

BaBa ZuLa’s third album Psychebelly Dance Music released in May 2003 was mixed and mastered by the British musician and producer Mad Professor who previously worked with Massive Atack, The Orb, Lee Perry and alikes.
The music of BaBa ZuLa is a subdued, atmospheric mix of folkmusic and Western rock. Traditional and electric instruments are augmented by samples of organic environmental sounds and electronic and sequenced parts. The fact that the music on that disc was created for plays in the theatre might explain the somewhat sketchy approach. On their third album Ruhani Oyun Havaları (translated into: Psyche-belly Dance Music) the material is more songbased but the environmental sounds remained. In Cecom for instance, where crickets add a strong nightly mood to the song.
The quintet has several guests on the album like clarinedmaestro Hüsnü Şenlendirici from Turkish folkjazz-group Layco Tayfa as well as Canadian singer Brenna MacCrimmon who studied Turkish music in Istanbul for 5 and half years and played in Karsilama.

1. Your Languished Gaze On That Counch / 2. Abbrevations / 3. The Fox Dance (club mix)

4. “Fayiman Cüneyt” / 5. “Cecom” / 6. My Cries Have Covered All These Mountains

7. Married To The Five Fingers / 8. Watchman The Philosopher / 9. Sacrifice Your Secrets, Sacrifice Yourself (club mix)

10. Hopscotch / 11. We Fell In Love With You (club mix) / 12. Marry Jane Of The Sex Cinema

13. Urfa Besiri Hoyrati / 14. Abbreviations / 15. I Stepped Into Zerrin Oz Room

Tarih : 25/09/2014