Duble Oryantal - Babazula | Turkish Psychedelic
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duble oryantal / belly double (2005)

Intrepid buccanners and experimentalists BaBa ZuLa continue to explore uncharted waters with this, their third “Duble Oryantal (Belly Double)” album on Doublemoon.
Mixed and Mastered in the heart of mega-city Istanbul by legendary British dub producer Mad Professor, who also worked on their last outing “Psychebelly Dance Music”, “Duble Oryantal” is the culmination of years of fearless musical adventuring and as usual there’s a talented amd eclectic supporting cast on board for a share of the bounty.

1. gunaydın (good morning) / 2. gerekli şeyler (essential things) / 3. baba hastanede (father in hospital)

4. sıpa (foal) / 5. yavaş orman (slow forest) / 6. özgür ruh (free spirit)

7. zaniye oyun havası (zaniye belly dance mood) / 8. galiba hamileyim (i think i’m pregnant) / 9. hızlı orman (fast forest)

10. pırasa (leek) / 11. eyvah dayım geldi (oh no my uncle came) / 12. çiçekli ipek sabahlık (flowery silk nightgown)

13. ıslak sevdalılar (wet lovers) / 14. istanbul çocukları (children of istanbul) / 15. zerzevat adam (the vegetable man)

16. belvu (belle vue) / 17. bir sana bir de bana (one for you and one for me) / 18. gerekli şeyler (dub)

19. özgür ruh (dub) / 20. istanbul çocukları (dub) / 21. sıpa (dub)