Brand new album “34 OTO SANAYİ” from Turkish psychedelic band based in Istanbul, offers you a unique and fabulous sound you’ve never heard before!  The music will strike a blow to your head and your body then you will immediately find yourself surrounded by the rhythm. You’ll feel the true passion even if you don’t speak Turkish as there is no fake posing…

BaBa Zula is the face of modern Turkish Music, blending the sound of electric saz, dub and traditional shamanistic rituals into a hypnotic urban psychedelia. Poetry and theatrical aspects are also a plus…                                                                   After several changes in the line-up since their formation in 1996, they recorded their 8th album. Studio album “34 OTO SANAYİ” is recorded in 2014 in Istanbul with the current members Murat Ertel, Levent Akman, Can Aydemir, Özgür Cakırlar and Melike Sahin. The album also features Eren Devran Ertel, Elena Hristova and Periklis Tsoukalas as special guests.

Album was first released as CD format in November 2014 and finally out now in VINYL format by Rainbow45 Records under license from Gülbaba Music and Lila Records and there are 8 tracks. Compared with the previous albums, in addition to BaBa ZuLa’s musical approach lyrics are more protest and the sound is stronger than ever. They are fresh and innovative, beyond all musical boundaries. This album offers some clues about future albums as well. Tracks are as follows:

A Side:            “İtaat Etme/ Don’t Obey ”, “Başka Bir Alem/ Another World”, “Gariplere Yer Yok/No Place For Strangers”,  “İlk Aşkım/ My First Love”, “Sinek Koca/ Fly Husband”

B Side:            “Ufaklık/ Little One”, “Küçük Kurbağa/ Froggie”, “Direniş Destanı/ The Legend Of Resistance”

1963 Ford Futura on the cover is owned by Murat Ertel (the founder of BaBa Zula). Photos of the attractive cover design were taken byDilan Bozyel at Oto Repair and Maintenance Center In Istanbul. The album is produced in 180gr. Heavy Black Vinyl in gatefold sleeve, contains 50x70cm two sided poster, an insert with lyrics and postcard signed by the band members.

Cat. no: R45R 0004-1


New Video by BaBa ZuLa for “Başka Bir Alem”

BaBa ZuLa has recently shot their new video for “Başka Bir Alem” with Jennifer İpekel & Aslı Baykal, off of their latest release 34 Oto Sanayi. The band will be releasing their video shortly!

BaBa ZuLa announces concerts at Hamburg & Berlin.

BaBa Zula will be playing at:

Kampnagel in Hamburg on the 13th of February, 2015

“The Spirit of Istanbul: BaBa ZuLa” at Station Berlin on the 14th of March, 2015