BaBa ZuLa was founded to compose the original music score for the film of Turkish director Derviş Zaim called “ Tabutta Rovasata” (Somersault in a Coffin). They thought they would disband after this project but they suddenly had more requests of music for other movies.

One of these movies was “ Renkli – Turkce” , which was one of the rare Turkish underground film and directed by Ahmet Çadırcı. Besides they continued to make soundtracks for theater productions. After this they had been asked to compose for the film “ Dondurmam Gaymak” (Ice-cream , I scream), which was Turkey’s nominee for the 2007 Academy Awards. After all they have been showed up in the documentary about the music of Istanbul “ Crossing the Bridge” directed by Fatih Akin, a Golden Bear winner director. Since the very beginning, BaBa ZuLa has been closely linked with cinema and many other disciplines of art an they have also carried this approach to their live shows combining dance, drawing and theatrics along with their music.

They also began to reliaze a new alternative to their ritualistic and cinematic performances accompanying silent movies of the past which were shot in Istanbul… one of the movies they like to perform with is JALMA LA DOUBLE (1927, director Roger Goupillieres). Another movies is an Austrian film shot in Istanbul in 1917 called Die Blume des Ostens, ENIS ALDJELIS. They made a performance of it together with the cooperation of the Amsterdam and Austrian film institues in Amsterdam’s famous Club Paradiso in April 2010. And they were the guests of Antalya Fİlm Festival 2010 for the Turkish premiere of the film.